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Leading sets

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Commercial, banking and insolvency

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  1. Commercial, banking and insolvency - Leading silks
  2. Commercial, banking and insolvency - Leading juniors

Commercial, banking and insolvency - Leading silks

  1. 1
    • Lesley Anderson QC - Kings Chambers‘Extremely thorough and very user friendly.’
    • Edward Bartley Jones QC - Exchange Chambers‘A highly experienced all-rounder in commercial and Chancery matters.’
    • David Berkley QC - St Johns Buildings‘A commercial litigation all-rounder.’
    • David Casement QC - Kings Chambers‘Specialises in heavyweight trials.’
    • Mark Cawson QC - Exchange Chambers‘A highly effective commercial litigator.’
    • Paul Chaisty QC - Kings Chambers‘Incisive in cross-examination.’
    • Simon Myerson QC - Byrom Street Chambers‘Client friendly.’

Commercial, banking and insolvency - Leading juniors

  1. 1
    • Pépin Aslett - St Johns Buildings‘Brings real academic strengths to his advice and advocacy.’
    • Neil Berragan - Kings Chambers‘Distils complex legal arguments in a clear way.’
    • Richard Bradley - Oriel Chambers‘His advice is thorough and he produces definitive solutions.’
    • Paul Brant - Oriel Chambers‘His demeanour in conference with clients is very good.’
    • Martin Budworth - Kings Chambers‘Very commercial and client friendly.’
    • Philip Byrne - St Johns Buildings‘Knowledgeable across a wide range of commercial agreements.’
    • Neil Cadwallader - Exchange Chambers‘A superb advocate with exceptional gravitas and erudition.’
    • Richard Carter - St Johns Buildings‘Practical and dynamic, with a good client manner.’
    • Richard Chapman - 18 St John Street Chambers‘Excellent on his feet.’
    • Andrew Clark - 9 St John Street‘His written opinions are thorough and on the mark.’
    • Sebastian Clegg - Deans Court Chambers‘Appreciated for his plain-talking and straightforward manner.’
    • Stephen Connolly - Exchange Chambers‘Specialises in high-value and complex disputes.’
    • Christopher Cook - Exchange Chambers‘An expert in cases involving technological issues.’
    • Laura D’Cruz - 9 St John Street‘A specialist in all aspects of commercial law.’
    • Nicholas Fewtrell - 18 St John Street Chambers‘Approachable and dependable.’
    • Dr Mark Friston - Kings Chambers‘A leading expert on costs and litigation funding.’
    • James Fryer-Spedding - 9 St John Street‘He gets straight to the point.’
    • David Gilchrist - 9 St John Street‘Knowledgeable and assured.’
    • Andrew Grantham - Kings Chambers‘He meticulously prepares his written work and advocacy.’
    • Mark Harper - Kings Chambers‘A must-go-to junior counsel.’
    • David Hoffman - 18 St John Street Chambers‘A solid commercial and Chancery all-rounder.’
    • Charlotte Hughes-Deane - Atlantic Chambers‘Well regarded for inheritance disputes.’
    • Nicholas Jackson - Atlantic Chambers‘A respected and experienced Chancery practitioner.’
    • James Malam - St Johns Buildings‘He has a swift grasp of the key issues in his cases.’
    • Giles Maynard-Connor - Exchange Chambers‘Strong in company, insolvency and professional negligence matters.’
    • David Mohyuddin - Exchange Chambers‘Provides commercially sound advice and value for money.'
    • Kelly Pennifer - Kings Chambers‘Always meticulously prepared, extremely bright and detail oriented.’
    • Brad Pomfret - St James’s Chambers‘His turnaround times are good.’
    • Carly Sandbach - Exchange Chambers‘Handles all aspects of Chancery and commercial litigation, including insolvency.’
    • Graham Sellers - Atlantic Chambers‘A widely recognised insolvency practitioner.’
    • Richard Selwyn Sharpe - 9 St John Street‘Generates confidence in his advice.’
    • Jonathan Smith - St James’s Chambers‘Fantastic depth of knowledge.’
    • Robert Sterling - St James’s Chambers‘A tenacious and commercially sound advocate.’
    • Eleanor Temple - Kings Chambers‘She knows the law backwards and is very personable.’
    • Jeffrey Terry - Kings Chambers‘A responsive and knowledgeable adviser.’
    • Joanna Vicary - 9 St John Street‘Provides prompt and crystal-clear advice.’
    • Andrew Vinson - Exchange Chambers‘Always on top of his brief.’
    • Lisa Walmisley - Kings Chambers‘A great team player, with excellent technical knowledge.’
    • Lucy Wilson-Barnes - St James’s Chambers‘A specialist in traditional Chancery, commercial and insolvency litigation.’

9 St John Street is recommended for Chancery and commercial matters. Practitioners regularly deal with partnership, insolvency, company and probate disputes.

18 St John Street Chambers has expertise in commercial and Chancery law, where the workload includes company, financial services, probate and sale of goods cases.

Atlantic Chambers’ practitioners appear at courts throughout England and Wales. The workload spans the commercial and Chancery spectrum, with expertise in areas such as insolvency, tax and probate.

Byrom Street Chambers handles commercial and contractual matters including sale of goods, insurance and share sale disputes.

Deans Court Chambers’ Chancery and commercial team has expertise in professional negligence, company and partnership, insolvency and contractual disputes. The set handles both litigation and arbitration.

Commercial law is one of the core practices at the Manchester office of Exchange Chambers, and the set is also recognised for its expertise in company and insolvency matters. In 2013, Edward Bartley Jones QC appeared in Consolidated Finance v Collins, a case which involved consumer credit issues. Many members are also adept at handling cases involving aspects of shipping and European law.

Kings Chambers’ Chancery and commercial practice is one of the bedrocks of chambers. Practitioners provide ‘solid, practical advice', and the set maintains a first-rate reputation nationally. It is particularly strong in restructuring, and personal and corporate insolvency. Eleanor Temple recently advised on UK trust and finance law concerning an insolvency dispute which started in Jersey.

Oriel Chambers’ Chancery and commercial team acts for businesses across the country.

St James’s Chambers is best known for its Chancery expertise, but members are also recommended for company, partnership and insolvency disputes.

St Johns Buildings’ members handle banking, finance and Chancery matters. Its banking practice is particularly notable and covers securities issues, receivership, asset finance and consumer credit.

Construction, planning and environment

Index of tables

  1. Construction, planning and environment - Leading silks
  2. Construction, planning and environment - Leading juniors

Construction, planning and environment - Leading silks

  1. 1
    • Anthony Crean QC - Kings Chambers‘Approachable and experienced in planning appeals.’
    • Vincent Fraser QC - Kings Chambers‘A leading town and country planning expert.’
    • David Manley QC - Kings Chambers‘Extremely academic, commercial and straightforward.’
    • Stephen Sauvain QC - Kings Chambers‘He has unsurpassed knowledge of highways and compulsory purchase law.'
    • Paul Tucker QC - Kings Chambers‘Strategic and commercial.’

Construction, planning and environment - Leading juniors

  1. 1
    • John Barrett - Kings Chambers‘Cuts to the essential issues in a case.’
    • Giles Cannock - Kings Chambers‘He has an eye for attention to detail.’
    • Jonathan Easton - Kings Chambers‘Very good at analysing professional witnesses’ evidence.’
    • Roger Lancaster - Kings Chambers‘Tenacious and robust in planning inquiries.’
    • James Malam - St Johns Buildings‘Understands the need for commercial cost-effective solutions.’
    • Ian Ponter - Kings Chambers‘Provides sage advice on tactics.’
    • Andrew Singer - Kings Chambers‘Second to none in construction law.’
    • Mark Smith - Exchange Chambers‘A construction specialist who acts at all stages of the contractual chain.’
    • Ruth Stockley - Kings Chambers‘Down to earth and perceptive.’

Exchange Chambers acts for employers, contractors and sub-contractors among other parties. Members are experienced in litigation and ADR.

Kings Chambers’ planning specialists are recognised nationally for their rounded knowledge and experience, particularly in promoting and opposing development schemes. Chambers is also noted for its expertise in construction and environment law, as well as related professional negligence work. Roger Lancaster recently acted for Sefton Council at a compulsory purchase inquiry relating to a major highway scheme. Members are experienced in litigation, mediation and arbitration.

St Johns Buildings has a notable reputation in construction disputes, including cases involving contractual matters or some form of negligence.


Index of tables

  1. Crime - Leading silks
  2. Crime - Leading juniors

Crime - Leading silks

  1. 1

Crime - Leading juniors

  1. 1

The large size of 7 Harrington Street’s crime team is an indication of its strength in this practice area. There is a fairly even split between prosecution and defence work covering a broad spectrum of offences, including large-scale fraud. Head of chambers Richard Pratt QC recently represented a defendant in a case concerning the masked murder of a businessman who was shot on his driveway.

9 St John Street’s criminal group specialises in fraud matters, large-scale drugs conspiracies and sexual offence cases. In 2013, Nicholas Clarke QC prosecuted and Roderick Carus QC defended in the high-profile Dale Cregan trial.

18 St John Street Chambers is strong in all areas of criminal law, and has a solid balance of experience at both its junior and senior ends.

23 Essex Street Chambers’ Manchester office recently launched when a number of former St Johns Buildings barristers joined chambers. Members prosecute and defend all types of criminal cases. In 2013, Hugh McKee defended in a multimillion-pound money laundering case which involved several banks and companies from around the world. He also recently prosecuted a number of high-value drugs cases.

Atlantic Chambers’ practitioners are regularly instructed to prosecute and defend on a range of cases involving issues such as sexual offences and money laundering. The set’s reputation is reflected by its ability to attract instructions from beyond the Northern Circuit.

Members of Cobden House Chambers regularly prosecute and defend matters of the utmost complexity, including sexual offences and gangland kidnaps.

The majority of cases handled by Deans Court Chambers are heard on the Northern Circuit, but members regularly appear courts across the country. Michael Hayton QC, who took silk in 2013, recently appeared in a case relating to the murder of the father of a missing Blackpool teenager.

Doughty Street Chambers has a particular focus on criminal defence, and members are recommended for their sensitive approach.

Exchange Chambers has several members appointed to the CPS advocate panel. The set is also recommended for defending in fraud cases. Philip Parry is one of a number of recent additions from St Johns Buildings.

Garden Court North Chambers has a strong criminal defence practice, and members regularly appear in the Crown Court in cases involving serious frauds, drugs and sexual offences. The set also has a solid reputation for its appellant work. Further to its ethos of protecting civil liberties, members have recently defended environmental demonstrators and anti-fracking protesters.

Kenworthy’s Chambers handles serious and complex cases ranging from murder and sex-trafficking to high-value money laundering matters.

Lincoln House Chambers’ criminal practice is ‘going from strength to strength'. The ‘top quality' practitioners act in high-profile disputes, for example Chris Daw QC successfully defended John Terry in a racism case.

Despite St Johns Buildings’ string of recent departures to 23 Essex Street Chambers and Exchange Chambers, it remains well regarded in this area. It regularly handles instructions for the CPS and HMRC, and is also recommended for defence work. Andrew O’Byrne QC was instructed by the CPS in Liverpool on a high-profile murder case.


Index of tables

  1. Employment - Leading silks
  2. Employment - Leading juniors

Employment - Leading silks

  1. 1

Employment - Leading juniors

  1. 1

9 St John Street has a ‘broad range of counsel who can deal with any employment issue that a large employer may find itself faced with'. It has a particularly notable reputation for defendant work, but also represents claimants. Carlo Breen recently represented a number of local authorities in equal pay claims brought by thousands of female council workers. Other areas of expertise in chambers includes discrimination, unlawful wage deductions, unfair dismissal and whistleblowing disputes.

Atlantic Chambers’ Simon Gorton QC has appeared in a series of high-profile cases recently, including Hospital Medical Group v Westwood, a leading appellate case on the definition of a worker.

Deans Court Chambers’ acts for both claimants and defendants in all aspects of employment law including unfair dismissal, TUPE, redundancy and disciplinary disputes.

Doughty Street Chambers almost exclusively represents claimants, including individual employees, workers and trade unions. Among a number of other areas, members are well regarded for their expertise in discrimination and equal pay.

Garden Court North Chambers specialises in representing employees and workers. David Campion was victorious in a recent case involving the rights of clergy.

Kings Chambers represents NHS trusts, unions, blue-chip companies and individual claimants among other entities. Recent case highlights include various multi-day discrimination, whistleblowing and TUPE cases.

Oriel Chambers’ members represent entities in the public and private sectors, and have experience in the EAT, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

St James’s Chambers employment practice handles unfair dismissal, transfer of undertakings and discrimination cases.

St Johns Buildings’ members represent employers and employees in all types of disputes including contractual and whistleblowing cases. Annette Gumbs successfully represented the managing director of BPP Manchester in a redundancy matter.

Family and children law

Index of tables

  1. Family and children law - Leading silks
  2. Family and children law - Leading juniors

Family and children law - Leading silks

  1. 1

Family and children law - Leading juniors

  1. 1
    • Graham Bailey - 9 St John Street‘A specialist in heavyweight financial remedy cases.’
    • Andrew Banks - Atlantic Chambers‘Experienced in financial cases involving business and tax considerations.’
    • Rachael Banks - Atlantic Chambers‘A financial remedy and children law practitioner with experience in relocation cases.’
    • Joanne Barnett - 9 St John Street‘Her broad family practice includes cases with an international element.’
    • Abigail Bennett - St Johns Buildings‘Specialises in finance cases involving high-value assets, trusts and family companies.’
    • Martyn Bennett - Oriel Chambers‘Primarily focuses on high-value and complex financial remedy cases.’
    • Christine Bispham - 7 Harrington Street‘Experienced in family-related injury compensation claims.’
    • Karen Brody - Deans Court Chambers‘Very experienced and a great advocate.’
    • Lorraine Cavanagh - St Johns Buildings‘She is very personable, hardworking and has great attention to detail.'
    • Julia Cheetham - Deans Court Chambers‘Experienced in cases involving fatalities and non-accidental injuries to children.’
    • Susan Deas - Deans Court Chambers‘Very calm and level-headed.’
    • Charles Eastwood - St Johns Buildings‘He has technical knowledge of the law and complex financial issues.'
    • Judith Fordham - Exchange Chambers‘Specialises in matrimonial finance cases involving complex or high-value assets.’
    • Francesca Fothergill - Deans Court Chambers‘She has a no-nonsense approach.’
    • Caroline Gee - Exchange Chambers‘Very approachable and valued for her high-level client care.’
    • Karen Gregory - Exchange Chambers‘A matrimonial finance expert who specialises in high-value financial remedy cases.’
    • Sheren Guirguis - Exchange Chambers‘Recommended for her knowledge of inheritance-related financial provision claims.’
    • Leona Harrison - St Johns Buildings‘Strong in financial remedy cases involving complex assets.’
    • Rachael Heppenstall - 9 St John Street‘A care specialist who is well regarded by local authorities and solicitors alike.’
    • Samantha Hillas - St Johns Buildings‘Meticulous and efficient.’
    • Heather Hobson - Deans Court Chambers‘Experienced in children cases involving factual and medical complexities.’
    • Christine Johnson - Atlantic Chambers‘Experienced in children cases involving local authorities, guardians and parents.’
    • Michael Kennedy - St Johns Buildings‘Focuses on public law Children Act matters.’
    • Alexander Kloss - St Johns Buildings‘Adopts an extremely pragmatic approach to cases.’
    • Sara Lewis - 9 St John Street‘Regularly handles care cases where there are concerns over the mental wellbeing of parents.’
    • Joanna Mallon - 7 Harrington Street‘Represents local authorities, parents and children in all aspects of children law.’
    • Neil Montaldo - St Johns Buildings‘Calm, very thorough and entirely trustworthy.’
    • Ashley Murray - Ashley Murray Chambers'A thorough, tenacious and very knowledgeable practitioner.'
    • Kevin Reade - 7 Harrington Street‘A financial remedy specialist with an interest in cases involving companies.’
    • Christine Riley - 9 St John Street‘Well respected in all aspects of her broad practice.’
    • Barrie Searle - St James’s Chambers‘Recommended for his focus on family cases involving farming, company and business issues.’
    • Michael Sellars - Atlantic Chambers‘A children law specialist with an interest in care work.’
    • Dawn Thomas - 9 St John Street‘Strong in childcare proceedings.’

7 Harrington Street has a strong reputation in family law and public law children care cases. Kevin Reade recently acted in a case which involved human rights issues after a judge had authorised the removal of a child from his mother’s care.

9 St John Street’s team predominantly handles public law children care cases. A number of members are experienced in financial remedy, and this is an expanding area for chambers.

Ashley Murray Chambers was set up in 2014, following Ashley Murray's departure from Oriel Chambers. Murray is recommended for divorce and financial remedy cases.

Atlantic Chambers handles public and private law children work and family finance, particularly in matters involving business and tax considerations. Chambers recently lost Abigail Bennett and Samantha Hillas to St Johns Buildings.

Deans Court Chambers is strong in all aspects of family law, including serious children care cases involving fatalities and non-accidental medically complex injuries. The set is also experienced in advising local authorities on policy and compliance, financial remedy matters that include high-value assets, and issues involving husband and wife shareholders of family-owned companies.

Exchange Chambers’ long-established family team is best known for financial remedy work. Members are experienced in high-value matters, particularly cases where assets are in overseas jurisdictions.

Oriel Chambers’ family team is particularly well known for its expertise in financial remedy cases.

St James’s Chambers undertakes a variety of family matters, including matrimonial finance issues where trusts and pensions are involved.

St Johns Buildings marks an uptick in divorce and financial remedy work, and former Atlantic Chambers barristers and matrimonial finance specialists Abigail Bennett and Samantha Hillas, who joined in 2013, have bolstered the set’s strength in this area. The set has ‘an excellent calibre of counsel at all levels', and is also recommended for children law. Karl Rowley QC recently acted in a case involving the long-term placement of a child following a sibling’s death at the hands of the father.

Personal injury and clinical negligence

Index of tables

  1. Personal injury and clinical negligence - Leading silks
  2. Personal injury and clinical negligence - Leading juniors

Personal injury and clinical negligence - Leading silks

  1. 1

Personal injury and clinical negligence - Leading juniors

  1. 1

Many members of 7 Harrington Street have an emphasis on defendant work, but the set also handles instructions from various claimant solicitors in the North West.

9 St John Street’s personal injury team is particularly strong in insurance fraud cases relating to road traffic accidents. Members are frequently instructed by defendant insurers in cases involving fraud rings.

18 St John Street Chambers is recognised for its expertise in industrial disease.

Atlantic Chambers is noted for its experience in occupational and industrial disease cases.

Byrom Street Chambers is ‘nationally very well regarded'. Personal injury and clinical negligence are its core areas of strength, with expertise in all types of catastrophic cases, group and class actions, and disease litigation. Christopher Melton QC and James Rowley QC represented the claimant and defendant respectively in Dunhill v Burgin, where the Supreme Court considered what should happen when a claim is under-settled by a claimant who, unbeknown to the defendant, lacks mental capacity. Darryl Allen QC took silk in 2014.

Cobden House Chambers’ personal injury and clinical negligence team handles cases at all levels ranging from small claims to multi-track and multimillion-pound litigation.

Deans Court Chambers’s members act for claimants and defendants in disputes involving issues such as road traffic accidents and fraud. Clinical negligence is a growth area for this set.

Exchange Chambers has a notable reputation in high-profile catastrophic cases, and personal injury has recently been one of the set’s strongest performing areas. In 2013, Amanda Yip QC successfully obtained judgment at the Court of Appeal against the Ministry of Defence in a case concerning a marine who sustained injuries after driving a military Land Rover over a mountain edge.

Kings Chambers is recommended for both personal injury and clinical negligence work, and is particularly well respected for its expertise in asbestos cases and diseases arising from other forms of carcinogenic exposure.

Lincoln House Chambers’ personal injury team has particular experience in disease and catastrophic injury claims.

Personal injury practitioners at Oriel Chambers predominantly handle defendant work for insurers. The set is also well known for its expertise in road traffic accident related fraud, and clinical negligence cases.

At St James’s Chambers, James Hurd successfully settled a claim for a prison officer who sustained an injury during a training course.

St Johns Buildings’ workload spans serious head and spinal injuries, industrial diseases and fatal accidents.


Index of tables

  1. Property - Leading silks
  2. Property - Leading juniors

Property - Leading silks

  1. 1
    • Lesley Anderson QC - Kings Chambers‘Meticulous on paper and devastating on her feet.’
    • Paul Chaisty QC - Kings Chambers‘Recommended for his intellect and commercial acumen.’

Property - Leading juniors

  1. 1
    • Paul Burns - Exchange Chambers‘A social housing practitioner who is respected by judges, instructing solicitors and their clients.’
    • Jamie Burton - Doughty Street Chambers‘Exceptional in homelessness matters.’
    • Neil Cadwallader - Exchange Chambers‘Primarily handles high-value matters, often for developers and other landowners.’
    • Ben Chataway - Doughty Street Chambers‘His areas of expertise include homelessness disputes, anti-social behaviour and possession proceedings.’
    • Nigel Clayton - Kings Chambers‘Of the highest calibre in real property and mortgage law.’
    • David Green - Atlantic Chambers‘Knowledgeable in all areas of real estate law, including landlord and tenant matters.’
    • Wilson Horne - Kings Chambers‘Recognised for his expertise in commercial property matters.’
    • Lawrence McDonald - Atlantic Chambers‘He handles a broad spectrum of real estate cases, including landlord and tenant disputes.’
    • Sarah O’Brien - Exchange Chambers‘Particularly strong on landlord and tenant matters.’
    • Brad Pomfret - St James’s Chambers‘Very approachable and user friendly.’
    • Richard Selwyn Sharpe - 9 St John Street‘He explores all lines of argument.’
    • Paul Whatley - Cobden House Chambers‘His housing practice varies from traditional property cases, to public housing and anti-social behaviour.’

9 St John Street recent workload includes contested boundaries and rights of way disputes.

Atlantic Chambers has handled a number of landlord and tenant cases recently.

Cobden House Chambers is recommended for cases involving housing injunctions, disrepair issues and possession proceedings, among other areas.

A number of Doughty Street Chambers’ practitioners have experience in social housing matters.

Exchange Chambers is recommended for social housing, and landlord and tenant matters.

Expertise at Kings Chambers spans real estate of any nature (commercial, agricultural and residential), title disputes, landlord and tenant cases, restrictive covenants and easements. Paul Chaisty QC recently handled a contested possession claim which involved issues of procedure and the validity of an application for an interim possession order of commercial premises.

St James’s Chambers is adept at handling a range of property cases, particularly landlord and tenant disputes.

Public law

Index of tables

  1. Public law - Leading silks
  2. Public law - Leading juniors

Public law - Leading silks

  1. 1
    • Jane Cross QC - Deans Court Chambers‘Supremely articulate in her advocacy.’
    • Stephen Sauvain QC - Kings Chambers‘Very erudite and considered.’
    • Pete Weatherby QC - Garden Court North Chambers‘He is extremely hardworking and a good communicator.’
    • Anne Whyte QC - Atlantic Chambers‘Experienced in judicial reviews.’

Public law - Leading juniors

  1. 1
    • Simon Burrows - Kings Chambers‘Delivers pragmatic and user-friendly advice.’
    • Lorraine Cavanagh - St Johns Buildings‘Appears in the Court of Protection in health and welfare disputes.’
    • Paul Draycott - Doughty Street Chambers‘Regularly represents employees and trade unions.’
    • Adam Fullwood - Kings Chambers‘Always available and willing to talk through cases.’
    • John Hunter - Kings Chambers‘Modest and approachable.’
    • Vijay Jagadesham - Garden Court North Chambers‘Takes great care with his preparation.’
    • Sam Karim - Kings Chambers‘His expertise includes procurement, immigration, education and community care.’
    • Alex Offer - Garden Court North Chambers‘He is prepared to take on challenging and groundbreaking cases.’
    • Rory O’Ryan - Garden Court North Chambers‘A good analytical lawyer.’
    • Eliza Sharron - Deans Court Chambers‘Able to skilfully manage the more challenging judges.’
    • Kerry Smith - Garden Court North Chambers‘She adopts a focused approach to cases.’
    • Matthew Stockwell - St Johns Buildings‘An experienced judicial review and local government petitioner.’

Atlantic Chambers’ members represent claimants, and public bodies such as NHS trusts and prison authorities.

Deans Court Chambers is recognised for its expertise in Court of Protection law, community care and mental health. In 2013, Jane Cross QC and Jonathan Butler successfully acted in the landmark case of TA v AA & Knowsley MBC, which clarified Court of Protection rules on the appeal procedure.

Doughty Street Chambers is primarily known for representing claimants, but members also act for public bodies such as local authorities. Notable areas of expertise are asylum and immigration law, including cases involving principles of EU immigration law.

Garden Court North Chambers focuses on civil liberties and human rights, and the public law team has considerable strength in depth. In 2013, Pete Weatherby QC represented the claimants in the high-profile case of Vinter and Others v UK, where the European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber considered the legality of whole-life sentences without review.

Kings Chambers’ public law team is sought after by both claimants and defendants. Members regularly appear at judicial reviews acting for local authorities, disciplinary bodies and health authorities. Civil liberties, asylum, Court of Protection, mental health and local government are particular areas of strength.

St Johns Buildings is recommended for judicial review challenges in the Administrative Division of the High Court. Human rights and Court of Protection law are areas of expertise.

Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing

Index of tables

  1. Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing - Leading silks
  2. Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing - Leading juniors

Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing - Leading silks

  1. 1

Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing - Leading juniors

  1. 1

In addition to expertise in police disciplinary cases, 7 Harrington Street’ regulatory team has a strong reputation in health and safety disputes. New silk Nigel Lawrence QC successfully prosecuted Greater Manchester Police and two senior firearms officers following the shooting of a fellow officer during a training exercise.

A significant amount of 9 St John Street’s health and safety work derives from high-value personal injury cases. Practitioners are also noted for their expertise in inquests linked to HSE investigations, and advising employers on how to better manage health and safety.

Atlantic Chambers members are recommended for prosecution work and their expertise in police law. Anne Whyte QC recently represented a corporate defendant in HSE proceedings, which arose following a fatal workplace accident.

Deans Court Chambers‘very strong' regulatory team is experienced in prosecuting and defending the full range of health and safety offences in cases often involving company directors, employees, hospital authorities and rail operators, among others. Professional disciplinary work is another of chambers’ strong suits.

Exchange Chambers has a strong defence practice in all types of civil actions against the police including misfeasance in public office, false imprisonment, assault and discrimination. Practitioners also appear before the General Medical Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council in disciplinary matters.

Kings Chambers has experience in licensing appeal hearings, tribunal proceedings and judicial review claims. In 2013, Ben Williams successfully defended Derby City Council in an appeal brought by a shopkeeper against the imposition of restrictions intended to control street drinking in Derby.

Lincoln House Chambers’ members regularly handle medical-related work for the General Medical Council and Royal College of Nursing. The set is also recommended for health and safety, and professional discipline cases particularly involving the Police Federation. Four members of the regulatory team are currently involved in the ongoing Hillsborough inquest.

Oriel ChambersGraham Wells regularly acts for police forces throughout the North West in disciplinary matters, inquests and civil claims.

St Johns Buildings’ practitioners specialise in all types of regulatory work. Members routinely prosecute on behalf of the HSE, Environment Agency and RSPCA among other bodies. Barristers also regularly appear in medical-related disciplinary tribunals involving the General Medical Council and General Dental Council.

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    In the recent case of Newbury v Sun Microsystems [2013], the defendant argued that an offer to settle proceedings was ‘in principle' only and that a binding contract could not be formed until further terms had been agreed and a formal contract had been signed. It supported this argument by referring to a statement, in the offer letter, that the settlement was to be ‘recorded in a suitably worded agreement'. 

  • Behind the corporate veil: is that all there is?

    That companies have an existence entirely separate to that of their shareholders and directors is a foundational principle of English law and commerce.

  • Restoring environmental damage: putting a price on ecosystem services

    On 7 August 2009 a 40-inch pipeline ruptured, spilling 5,400 cubic metres of crude oil into the soil and groundwater of La Crau nature reserve in southern France, a habitat protected under French and European law. The operator had to excavate and replace 60,000 tons of soil, install 70 wells to pump and treat groundwater and 25 pumps to skim oil from surface water, at a cost in the region of €50m. However, this was just the primary remediation (that is, restoring the site to the state it would have been if the damage had not occurred). The operator was also required to compensate for the damage to the habitats and the loss of the ecosystem services that would otherwise have been provided by La Crau nature reserve. Measures included purchasing land outside of the nature reserve and contributing to its management for a period of 30 years (over €1m), monitoring the water table for 20 years (over €500,000), monitoring fauna over three years (€150,000) and rehabilitation in accordance with best available ecological techniques (nearly €2m). Overall, the compensatory restoration (to compensate for the amount of time that the ecosystem was impacted) and complimentary restoration (to compensate for elements of the ecosystem that had been permanently lost) came to more than €6.5m. 

  • The role of arbitrators in EU antitrust law

    In May 2014, it will be ten years since Regulation No 1/2003 entered into force. When the legislator of the European Union adopted this Regulation on 16 December 2002, its main objective was to decentralise the enforcement of the two main provisions of EU antitrust law, Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty establishing the European Community (now Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU)). Where do the arbitrators fit in this picture?

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